Open Hours Available Upon Request!

Let's be honest, whatever your take is on CoVid-19 we need to practice safe protocols. Long story short, we miss you all! We know many of you who have been stuck at home during all of this must be going stir crazy at times. We wanted to let you know that we will open up for small groups to come in and create something. Whether its you looking for some time to find that lost sanity. Bring a friend or two (and some beverages) and enjoy some adult time. Just message us so that we can arrange a day and time that works for everyone. Don't forget we offer take and make kits! You pick your design, colors and we can ship it to you or you can pick up locally. We have something for all ages. We would love to help you! Email us at:

Nikki & Sheri - Pallets & Planks

We are two creative friends who love getting together and having a blast letting our creative juices flow, and one night when our husbands said "if only you could get paid for it", we decided to follow our passions!

Now we invite others to join us for the fun at our events, and we're also happy to bring any of your ideas to life.

Please check out some of our creations on the Shop tabs, and either plan your own event or join one we already have planned on the Event tab.

We support our troops and offer a 25% discount.

Please also check out our Facebook page to see pictures of our creations and events.